Oct 26, 2022

Update DIN 13157 / 13169

2021 THERE IS MORE IN IT - Upgrade now! As of 01.11.2021, the new specifications of DIN 13157 and DIN 13169 (small and large first-aid kits and first-aid kits for companies) apply. In the future, both fills will contain even more dressing materials for minor injuries in the workplace. This should ensure even better wound care.


Nothing has been dropped from the “old” filling! New additions are face masks and wet wipes. The number of available plasters has also increased.

Existing first aid kits or first aid kits do not lose their validity. With our supplementary sets, you can quickly and easily add to your existing equipment. Professional tip: Use the update right away to check your first aid equipment. In the download area you will find the tables of contents of our products.

If you need a completely new filling, they are of course up to date. Look at the invoice date! We have already changed our production to 11.10.2021. All products, which are equipped according to DIN 13157 and DIN 13169 or are based on these specifications, will be delivered according to the latest specification since then. This also applies to our extended series such as SPEZIAL, DIREKT & EXTRA.


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