Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

Here you will find a selection of the most frequently asked questions about our company, our products, services or quality management.

What are the general delivery times?

Taking into account the availability of all ordered items, you will receive your goods 7 days after receipt of order.



Due to worldwide supply bottlenecks and the high demand for certain items, there may currently be some delays in delivery. We are working at full speed to deliver orders as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding!

Is there a minimum order value?

The minimum order value for deliveries within Germany is 20.00 EUR net. For deliveries outside of Germany other conditions apply. For more information please contact our export department

How much are the shipping costs?

From a net value of goods of € 500.00 the delivery within Germany will be made on the basis of the stated prices free domicile including packaging.
For deliveries within Germany with a net value of goods below € 500.00, a flat-rate parcel fee of € 8.95 will be charged. For bulky goods, the flat-rate parcel charge is currently € 40.00, irrespective of the net value of the goods. This applies to items such as rigid chassis, standing cabinet, grinding basket stretcher, first-aid couches, etc. The delivery of dangerous goods will be charged according to expenditure. For deliveries to German islands we charge an additional island surcharge of € 20.00.

For deliveries abroad other conditions apply.

How can I report a complaint / transport damage?

Please send us an e-mail with the reason for the complaint, the customer number, the order number and, if necessary, photos of the damage and the outer packaging to or use our contact form.

Where can I find tables of contents for the products?

You can find tables of contents of our products in the download area under “Tables of contents”.

How do I get the current catalog?

You can download the catalog and other current brochures here.

Where can I find product images? What are the terms of use?

You can request product images for use on your website, store or catalog here. Please also read our terms of use for images and texts.

What does 20-year durability on sterile dressing materials from SÖHNGEN® mean?

Sterile dressing materials from SÖHNGEN® have a shelf life of 20 years from the date of manufacture, provided the sterile packaging is undamaged and stored properly.

Relevant literature and standards works summarize the state of the art as follows: the loss of sterility is considered to be event-related and not time-related – that is, specifically: due to opening or damage to the packaging. Therefore, sterile products require careful handling and storage. First aid containers from SÖHNGEN® are exemplary in this respect. Common wound plasters do not come under the heading of sterile dressing materials. The usability here, especially with regard to adhesive strength, depends on the storage temperature. The adhesive strength of the plasters should be checked regularly.

Do SÖHNGEN products comply with the MDR (Medical Device Regulation) requirements?

With validity from 26.05.2021 we confirm for the medical devices manufactured by us

Class I medical devices manufactured by us

  • The products comply with the requirements of the MDR
  • An EU declaration of conformity has been drawn up as part of the conformity assessment procedure to be applied in accordance with MDR
  • The products are provided with the CE marking
  • The devices are accompanied by the safe use information
  • The devices have been assigned a basic UDI-DI

Class Is medical devices

  • For these devices a valid MDD certificate from our Notified Body, BSI NL (2797), valid until 26.05.2024, is available
  • Within the framework of the conformity assessment procedure to be applied according to MDD, an EU declaration of conformity was drawn up before the MDR came into force.
  • The products are marked with the CE marking and the identification number of our Notified Body, 2797 = BSI NL.
  • The products are accompanied by the information for safe use
  • The devices continue to comply with the requirements of the MDD
  • The requirements of the MDR with regard to post-market surveillance, market surveillance, vigilance and registration of economic operators and products are fulfilled.

For more information, click here.

Do you have a REACH declaration of conformity?

Yes, you can view this in the download area under “Company information”.

Is SÖHNGEN certified according to ISO-9001?

No. However, W.Söhngen GmbH is already working on the introduction and firm implementation of ISO-9001.

What equipment is recommended for my company?

DIN standards only contain a conceivable recommendation as a basis for the company first aid system. Here, DIN 13157 and DIN 13169 can be regarded as basic equipment. However, depending on the risk of accidents in the individual sectors, it is recommended to acquire needs-oriented first aid equipment.

ASR A4.3 – Point 4, Table 1 / Table 3


Betriebsart Anzahl der Mitarbeiter Kleiner Verbandkasten
DIN 13157
Großer Verbandkasten
DIN 13269
Verwaltungs- und
1 bis 50 Mitarbeiter 1
51 bis 300 Mitarbeiter 1
je weitere 300 Mitarbeiter zusätzlich 1
Herstellungs- und
1 bis 20 Mitarbeiter 1
21 bis 100 Mitarbeiter 1
je weiter 100 Mitarbeiter zusätzlich 1
Baustellen 1 bis 10 Mitarbeiter 1
11 bis 50 Mitarbeiter 1
je weitere 50 Mitarbeiter zusätzlich 1

What is the difference between Norm / Standard / Plus filling?

In the standard filling you will find a variety of SÖHNGEN® own brand dressing materials, such as our leading dressing material “aluderm®”, which with their quality go far beyond the DIN standard.

The standard fillings are DIN-compliant products and dressing materials that meet your application according to purpose.

Our PLUS fillings are equipped with both a DIN-compliant filling part and an occupational group-specific extension, which not only meets the DIN, but also the individual requirements in the most diverse occupational groups.

Do you supply first aid equipment according to ÖNORM for Austria?

Yes, in our assortment we have many different products with fillings according to ÖNORM:

  • ÖNORM Z1020-1 – For operational first aid boxes
  • ÖNORM Z1020-2 – For service first aid kits
  • ÖNORM V5100 – For single-track motor vehicles
  • ÖNORM V5101 – For multi-lane motor vehicles

You can find an overview here.

What are the first aid equipment requirements for schools and kindergartens?

Schools, kindergartens and daycare centers are considered workplaces just like any administrative or industrial operation and are therefore subject to the same Technical Rules for Workplaces (ASR). The equipment required depends on the number of employees and other potential hazards.

Since there is no standard for first aid fillings in the area of children and adolescents, we have compiled a selection of products based on the most common causes of accidents that provide the user with the best possible first aid for external wounds/injuries in children and adolescents. However, these fillings do not replace the requirements of DIN 13157 / 13169 for employees in the respective company.

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