Feb 20, 2023

SÖHNGEN® donates to SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.

SÖHNGEN® provides "little BIG help" - SOS-Kinderdorf e.V.


The launch of our new first aid kit series “kleine GROSSE Hilfe” (“little BIG help”) was a complete success. We presented the cases for the first time at didacta in May 2022 and the feedback on site was consistently positive. The cheerfully printed, and child-designed cases are intended to make first aid as relaxed as possible for children and adults. The little users are just as enthusiastic as the educational staff.

We are all the more pleased about the popularity of our new series of cases because we have linked a donation of 5 euros to SOS-Kinderdorf e.V. with each case sold in 2022. Thus, at the beginning of February, we were able to hand over a donation of 1,500 euros to Mrs. Hartel-Teixeira, Coordinator/Fundraising SOS-Kinderdorf Frankfurt.

“With this contribution, we would like to support a regional project of our long-standing partner.” Said Christoph Hirschmann, managing director of W.Söhngen GmbH. “Mrs. Hartel-Teixeira reported to us that new pillows and comforters are urgently needed in the children’s and young people’s residential group in Hünstetten, as well as a new bed for a teenage resident.” Of course, a “kleine GROSSE Hilfe” donated by us will also hang on the wall in Hünstetten in the future.


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