By Beurer

Lifepad® resuscitation device

By Beurer

Resuscitation aid for lay rescuers

What makes the LifePad® special?


If an emergency should occur, many first responders are initially overwhelmed. The LifePad® guides you during resuscitation and helps you to perform the correct steps safely.

Easy to use

Due to the flexible material, the LifePad® adapts to any body shape and can be used for persons aged 12 years and older. The support surface shows the exact positioning of the hands for resuscitation. The device can also be used in combination with a defibrillator.

Visual and audible feedback system

The step-by-step instructions help you keep a cool head. The colored LEDs give you visual feedback for the optimum compression pressure. An acoustic signal tells you the optimal compression frequency of 100 beats per minute

In addition to the LifePad®, includes other useful accessories such as dress scissors, a BT-DRY resuscitation towel and disposable gloves


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